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Iraqi toddler killed by IS chemical attack

11 marzo 2016 | 18.40
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Photo. - AFP

A three-year Iraqi girl wounded in a chemical attack by the Islamic State jihadist group died in hospital Friday, the president of the Iraqi parliament's human rights commission Ashad al-Salihi said, cited by Egypt's state-run Mena news agency.

Fatima Samir was among the dozens of people hospitalised after a chemical attack carried out Wednesday on the town of Taza, near the the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

Four people in serious condition were transferred to Baghdad, Kirkuk health officials were cited as saying.

The rockets fired on Taza from the nearby IS-held town of Bashir contained mustard agent, according to the Iraqi national human rights commission.

Intelligence officials have collected samples that are still being analysed and chlorine may have been used, according to security officials. IS has used both chemical agents in the past.

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that the US-led coalition against IS had launched air strikes on the jihadist group's chemical weapons sites.

The targets were identified following the capture in Iraq last month of a man presented as the group's top chemical expert, the Pentagon said.

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