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Martedì 19 Ottobre 2021
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Irini chief Agostini urges more help to enforce Libya arms embargo

10 agosto 2021 | 20.04
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The commander of the European Union's Irini anti-smuggling mission in the Mediterranean, Fabio Agostini, has urged greater assistance in order to fully implement the UN's much-violated arms embargo against Libya.

"The EU needs clear political-military guidelines to enhance interoperability among member states while avoiding fragmentation, in light of the growing global competition in the defence industry," Agostini said, cited by the Libyan Observer daily.

Irini's command considers it necessary to develop EU-made drones with sophisticated technology, Agostini told the 2021 Prague Summit on the innovation and development of the European Defence Industrial Base.

Satellite communication is also vital to the mission, and the EU Satellite Centre provides on an almost daily basis valuable analysis of satellite imagery and intelligence, Agostini underlined, according to the paper.

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