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'IS video shows IS teen beheading Syrian rebel'

05 febbraio 2016 | 14.46
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In a new video purportedly from the Islamic State jihadist group, a teenage boy issues a threat in English to the United States and its allies before beheading an unarmed hostage in what is believed to be Syria.

"Oh America, these are the soldiers you armed and you spent money on to fight the Sharia of Islam," says the boy of 13 or 14, pointing a dagger down the camera lens and wearing a black scarf and clothing.

"We will destroy them as we destroyed the [inaudible] of Iraq... You can't escape,' he adds in the propaganda video which is thought to have been filmed in woodland in Aleppo, Syria.

The boy then jerks up the head of the orange jumpsuit clad hostage, believed to be anti-IS Syrian rebel, and beheads him with the dagger.

It is unclear who the hostage is, but some reports suggest he was a member of the Levant Front rebel group which is fighting IS.

The slickly edited 17-minute video also includes shots of destroyed buildings and roads, which appears to have been caused by airstrikes on IS territory.

It is not the first time IS has used children in a beheading video. Last July, is released a video of an IS child soldier or so-called 'cub of the Caliphate' aged about 11 beheading a Syrian soldier near the captured ancient city of Palmyra.

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