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Islamic radio station issues list of 'influential Italian Jews'

18 dicembre 2015 | 14.00
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Rome prosecutors have opened a probe after a Muslim radio station published a list of allegedly influential Jews in Italy on Thursday and claimed Jews dominate the country's media.

"It's not clear why the Jews, who make up 0.1 percent of the population control economy as well as the major newspapers and TV networks," Radio Islam wrote on its website beneath the list of 'influential Jews' published by Radio Islam.

"Here's the list of servants of Italy's Jewish mafia godfathers," reads a headline above the list.

It also posted a list of allegedly Jewish writers and film directors in Italy and a roll call of academics who purportedly 'collaborate' with Israel.

Radio Islam is based in Sweden and broadcasts in 23 languages including Italian. Set up by a Moroccan Holocaust denier, Ahmed Rami, it claims to oppose Zionism and 'Jewish racism towards non-Jews'.

Is website states is owned by "a group of freedom fighters from different countries in support of Ahmed Rami's global struggle" and invites donation.

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