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Islamic State claims foiled Algerian bombing

27 febbraio 2017 | 15.34
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The Islamic State took credit on Monday for a foiled bomb attack against a police station in northeast Algeria, the jihadist group's Amaq news agency said.

"A martyrdom operation targeted a police station in the centre of the city of Constantine, using a bomb being carried in a bag by an IS fighter," AMAQ said.

The jihadist was shot before he could enter the station, according to Algeria's state media.

At least three Algerian police officers were wounded after the militant managed to detonate the bomb he was carrying, according to local media reports.

Over 350,000 people died in a bloody civil war in Algeria during the 1990s between the army and Islamist rebels that begun after the cancellation of a 1992 parliamentary polls that an Islamic party was set to win.

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