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Islamic State 'executes seven-year-old boy for swearing'

06 maggio 2016 | 15.51
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The Islamic State militant group has executed a seven-year-old boy in northern Syria after he allegedly swore during a game of football, according to a report.

Muaz Hassan was put to death on Thursday before a crowd of several hundred people in the IS stronghold of Raqqa, local news website Aranews reported.

His parents were taken ill at the scene of the execution, Aranews said.

IS's police arrested the boy on Monday after he"insulted the Caliphate" by swearing at God while he was playing football with his friends, activists were quoted as telling Aranews.

"Swearing is considered an insult to the Caliphate, irrespective of the person's age," an activist said.

IS has in the past two years executed hundreds of civilians, activists and journalists in the swathes of territory under its control in Syria and Iraq but it is believed to be the first time the group has killed such a young child.

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