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Islamic State suspects arrested for Iraqi TV station attack

28 giugno 2016 | 13.59
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Photo: - AFP

Police arrested two alleged members of the Islamic State militant group over a grenade attack in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil against local broadcaster Rudaw, the network said Tuesday, quoting the interior ministry.

Security forces from Iraq's Kurdistan region arrested the IS suspects last night at 2.30 am local time at an undisclosed location, Rudaw said, noting that it had not released the information immediately due an ongoing probe of Saturday's grenade attack.

The suspects claimed they carried out the attack on IS orders, Rudaw cited the interior ministry as saying.

IS earlier claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter accounts it uses for propaganda purposes.

Two Rudaw staff members were among five people injured in the attack when a grenade was hurled from a car as it drove by the TV station around midnight local time on Saturday.

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