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Italian aid flight delivers medical kits to Niger

24 aprile 2018 | 17.44
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With support from the United Nations, Italy has flown 15 tonnes of medical supplies and drugs to Niger to treat the country's main infectious diseases, foreign minister Angelino Alfano said on Tuesday.

"We have provided aid to the population of Niger, which consists of health care and medicines that are due to reach Niamey aboard an Italian airforce plane," Alfano stated.

The airlift followed a request from Niger's authorities and the medical kits - which contain items that are hard to find in the impoverished country - will help the local population, Alfano said.

The aid flight took off from the UN Humanitarian Assistance (UNHRD) base in the southern Italian port city of Brindisi, which is managed by the World Food Programme, the foreign ministry stated.

The vital medical kits will be distributed by defence and health ministry personnel to local institutions in Niger in agreement with local authorities, said the ministry.

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