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Italian diplomacy created 1 percent of GDP, supported 238,000 jobs

10 dicembre 2018 | 17.45
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Italy's foreign ministry - FOTOGRAMMA

Italian diplomacy helped generate 1 percent of the country's economic output last year and supported 238,000 jobs, though 785 projects worldwide that made 23 billion euros of revenues for Italian companies, the foreign ministry tweeted on Monday.

"Internationalisation that creates wealth and employment is what we aim to promote abroad through our embassies and consulates," foreign undersecretary Manlio di Stefano told an economic diplomacy event in Milan at which the foreign ministry signed a statement of intent with local business association Assolombarda.

With backing from the foreign ministry, Italian firms won 2,140 tenders between 2014 and 2017 worth 114 billion euros and helped removed 169 non-tariff trade barriers, di Stefano said, citing the Prometeia Group economic research consultancy's 2018 annual report.

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