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Italian diplomacy focus of Rome conference

16 luglio 2019 | 19.09
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An innovative outdoor screening taking place at Rome's Auditorium on 24 July, 'Diplomacy for Italy' will introduce the three-day XIII Conference of Italian Ambassadors beginning on that date, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The foreign ministry's secretary-general Elisabetta Belloni will open the 'Diplomacy for Italy - Security and growth in Europe and in the world' screening, according to the statement. The event is being split into various thematic sessions: Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean; sustainable development; the challenges of globalisation, international soft power and Italian 'soft power'; and the 'success story' of Italians abroad.

Also due to speak at the screening are Italian ambassadors, top Italian journalists, academics, the head of Italy's main business association Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia and the president of Italy's Rai public broadcaster Marcello Foa, said the statement.

The event aims to foster "reflection on the work of Italian diplomacy at the service of the country and its evolution in the definition of the national interest in the European and international context", the statement added.

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