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Italian football hit by new match fixing scandal

19 maggio 2015 | 17.31
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Police on Tuesday arrested over 50 people and put more than 70 under investigation in a major match-fixing enquiry led by prosecutors in the southern town of Catanzaro.

The suspects include at least one policeman and charges include criminal association aimed at sports fraud. Some of the suspects are linked to mafia organisations including the Calabrian mafia or 'Ndrangheta, which dominates the cocaine trade in Italy.

Foreigners were among those arrested, according to investigators.

The probe involves "dozens" of fixed matches in Italian football's third and fourth divisions and has uncovered a network of footballers, coaches, club presidents, managers and officials from over 30 clubs, according to investigators.

"The various arrests today in many Italian cities show once again that criminal activity linked to illegal betting on football is still thriving and is rooted in foreign countries as well," said Catanzaro's chief of police Giuseppe Racca.

Police had already placed more than 100 people under investigation for suspected match-fixing since 2011, mainly in the Serie A and Serie B.

Dozens of people were implicated in the notorious 'Calciopoli' scam of 2006 and top club Juventus was stripped of two Serie A titles and demoted to the second divison for an entire season.

Italy's Supreme Court cancelled jail sentences against former Juventus general director Luciano Moggi and former Juventus CEO Antonio Giraudo earlier this year, declaring the sentences had been timed out by the statute of limitations.

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