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Italian govt denies any concession of territorial waters to France

19 marzo 2018 | 19.47
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Italy's foreign ministry in Rome - FOTOGRAMMA

​The Italian foreign ministry has rejected as "completely unfounded" allegations made by several politicians on possible concessions of territorial waters to France.

"We point out that they (the statements) are completely unfounded," the ministry said on Monday.

A bilateral agreement of March 2015 was not ratified by Italy and therefore cannot have legal effects, the ministry stated.

"So the maritime borders with France remain unchanged and no one, neither in Paris nor in Rome, intends to change them," the ministry said.

The French Embassy has made it clear that "a public consultation" on 25 March is "in no way aimed at modifying the maritime borders in the Mediterranean,” the ministry went on.

The public consultation is being held with a view to the preparation through consultation of a strategic document on the Mediterranean "with reference to law and existing EU directives", it said.

The French Embassy recognises that maps circulated for the public consultation "contain some mistakes (especially the demarcations laid down under the Caen Agreement which was not ratified by Italy)” and that “they will be corrected as soon as possible”, the ministry said.

Bilateral consultations scheduled by the European Union at regular intervals will soon take place "for the sole purpose of improving and harmonising the management of marine resources between bordering countries within the current regulatory framework," the ministry concluded.

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