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Italian institutions attend top US education meeting

29 maggio 2019 | 19.59
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Italy and its university and higher education system are once again at NAFSA, the major international education conference and expo event taking place in the United States capital Washington DC through Friday, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

"Academic education and exchanges between students and universities to provide future generations with the tools needed to excel and succeed in all fields in an increasingly interconnected world," said Italy's ambassador to the USA, Armando Varricchio.

Italy is among over 100 countries taking part in this year's NAFSA meeting with 35 institutions, public and private, from almost all of the country's regions, the statement said. This aims to attest not only to goal of increasingly internationalising the Italian university system, but also to the continued and growing international interest in the country.

Italy's participation in NAFSA 2019 has been made possible thanks to the contribution of foreign and education, university and research ministries, the statement said.

The space dedicated to Italy also features Uni-Italia, an academic centre promoting Italian higher education programs and encouraging university cooperation and cultural exchanges between Italy and other countries, and EduItalia, an association fostering the Italian language and culture.

Also within the framework of the NAFSA event, the Italian embassy hosted a meeting between representatives of the Italian universities participating in NAFSA and members of the US academic community dedicated, in particular, to the management of international scientific research, said the statement.

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