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Italian priest suspended for defending paedophiles

07 ottobre 2015 | 12.14
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An northern Italian archdiocese has suspended a Catholic priest after he defended paedophilia in remarks in a live television interview that blamed victims for "seeking affection".

The Archdiocese of Trento suspended Don Gino Flaim from his parish in the city, after Flaim said in live remarks to the La7 TV channel on Tuesday: "I can understand paedophilia."

"I know what children are like and unfortunately, there are children who seek affection because they don't get it at home."

"They may find a priest who, well, gives in, and I can understand this," Flaim told La7.

"Paedophilia is a sin and like all sins must be accepted," Flaim said, adding that he "did not have direct experience" of it.

Like homosexuality, paedophilia was an "illness" that people "suffered" from, Flaim said.

"It's only human," Flaim added.

After Flaim's comments to La7, The Archdiocese of Trento issued a statement on its website distancing itself from the remarks and announcing the priest's suspension.

"The Archdiocese of Trento dissociates itself entirely from Don Gino Flaim's declarations...which expressed views that in no way represent the position of the Archdiocese...Don Flaim has been suspended," read the statement.

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