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Italian rescuers 'at work' in Turkey quake zone

09 febbraio 2023 | 13.43
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More rescuers from Italy's civilian protection department are headed to quake-hit areas of Turkey, where over 14,000 people died and more than 60,000 were injured or left homeless in Monday's powerful earthquakes in the south of the country.

"Italy's efforts continue, another team is about to reach it. No one will be left behind," the embassy tweeted on Thursday.

A total 41 volunteers, 1 camp hospital and 20 vehicles were being sent by road to Italy's southern port of Brindisi for shipment to Turkey aboard an Italian navy vessel on Thursday, the civilian protection agency tweeted.

"When the pandemic broke out, Italy instantly got Turkey's help. Today, too, we will do our part to relieve the grief of our friends the Turkish people," read a earlier tweet from the embassy.

Italian firemen managed to save two young people from rubble in two operations in the city of Antakya and were working to rescue a third youth, Italy's premier Giorgia Meloni said in a statement late on Thursday.

In the statement, Meloni thanked her "generous" fellow Italians for their "professionalism" and "concrete" help to victims of the "apocalyptic" earthquakes.

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