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Italian team to help Armenia fight Coronavirus

26 giugno 2020 | 16.06
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A medical team from Italy's Piedmont, Lombardy and Tuscany regions travelled to Armenia on Friday to help the country battle its COVID-19 outbreak as Coronavirus cases and fatalities continue to surge across Eurasia countries.

"An Italian team of medics from Piedmont, Lombardy and Tuscany has left today for Armenia, which has been hit by the Coronavirus. The mission is taking place within the European civil protection mechanism network," Italy's civil protection agency tweeted.

In the past 24 hours, 759 new cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in Armenia, bringing the total number of cases to 23,247, the country's national disease control and prevention centre said on Friday.

Italy's dramatic COVID-19 epidemic, which peaked in April, gave it expertise in fighting the virus that has now infected 9,641,472 people and killed 489,990 worldwide since it emerged in China late last year.

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