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Italian woman killed in Berlin Christmas market attack - govt

22 dicembre 2016 | 13.43
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A young Italian woman, Fabrizia Di Lorenzo, was one of the twelve people killed in the truck attack on a busy Christmas market in Berlin, the Italian government said on Thursday.

"Investigating German magistrates have carried out all the necessary checks, and unfortunately, we are now certain that Fabrizia Di Lorenzo was among the victims," Italy's interior minister Angelino Alfano said.

"My heartfelt thoughts are with her family and loved ones and their immense suffering," the statement added.

Hopes had faded for 31-year-old Lorenzo after her mobile phone was recovered at Berlin's Breitscheidplatz market on Monday and she failed to turn up for work at a German company in the city the following day.

The death of Di Lorenzo, who came from the Abruzzo town of Sulmona, was confirmed after her family travelled to Berlin to provide DNA samples. She worked for a transport company in Berlin, where she had lived since 2013.

At least six Germans and an Israeli tourist also died when a Polish-registered truck allegedly driven by a Tunisian supporter of the Islamic State jihadist group ploughed through the market at speed late on Monday. A total of 49 other people were injured in the attack, 14 of them critically.

Police are hunting for 24-year-old Tunisian Anis Amri, whose ID and reportedly also his fingerprints were found in the truck after he managed to escape from the vehicle following the attack.

IS has said one of its militants carried out the atrocity but has offered no evidence.

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