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Italy and India eye stronger bilateral ties

30 ottobre 2018 | 16.42
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Photo: Paul Miller/ - Bloomberg

Italy and India share a desire to strengthen "all areas" of their relations, premier Giuseppe Conte said on Tuesday after talks with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi in New Delhi.

During their "fruitful" meeting, Conte and Modi reviewed all areas of the bilateral partnership "with the shared determination to reinforce it," Conte told the Tech Summit talking place in the Indian capital.

"We looked in depth at Italy's potential contribution to Make in India in various sectors of Italian global excellence including the defence sector," he said.

The two leaders looked at possible new partnerships in the security and rail sectors as well as relaunching cooperation between Italy and India in the development of renewable energy sources, Conte added.

Briefing journalists earlier after his meeting with Modi, Conti described India "as a very important commercial and industrial partner for Italy." The value of bilateral trade - which reached over 10.5 billion dollars in 2017-2017 - is growing and 600 Italian companies have operations in India, where Italian investments have reached 6.8 billion dollars (6 billion euros), he said.

Italian companies are doing business in India in the automobile, renewable energy, industrial components, agro-industry, engineering and building sectors, Conte said.

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