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Italy asks Egypt's envoy for 'more enquiries' in Regeni case

03 luglio 2020 | 20.47
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The foreign ministry has asked Egypt's ambassador for "more enquries" in the unsolved 2016 murder of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Friday.

"We have requested more enquiries," Di Maio said at a press conference in Rome after talks with Austrian foreign minister Alexander Schallenberg.

The abduction and savage murder of 28-year-old Regeni "is a wound on the national psyche," said Di Maio.

Italy's government "is doing its utmost to uncover the truth," he said.

"I understand the pain and disappointment of the family," Di Maio said, rejecting Regeni's parents' call for the withdrawal of Italy's envoy in protest at Egypt's failure to hand over suspects in the case.

"To solve the Regeni case, we need to have our ambassador there in Cairo," Di Maio underlined.

Rome prosecutors said Wednesday that Egypt's chief prosecutor was still only mulling a response to their requests to quiz five intelligence service officers over the Regeni case whom they named last year and said on Thursday they were probing five more.

Regeni's severely tortured body was found along a highway outside Cairo in early February 2016, nine days after he vanished in the city.

Egyptian authorities have yet to make any arrests in the case.

At the time of his disappearance, Regeni was researching independent trade unions in Egypt - a politically sensitive subject. It is widely believed that Egypt's security services were behind the Cambridge University PhD's killing.

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