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Italy attends EU-Arab League meeting in Brussels ahead of summit

05 febbraio 2019 | 12.35
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Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Manlio Di Stefano represented Italy at a European Union-League of Arab States meeting in Brussels on Monday, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The Brussels meeting was "an opportunity to exchange views on the main regional issues" ahead of the first EU-LAS Summit which will be held in (the Red Sea resort of) Sharm el-Sheikh on 24-25 February, the statement said.

Ministers attending Monday's meeting focused on constructing a positive agenda for the region based on enhancing cooperation in the economic and energy fields, fostering sustainable development and political dialogue to overcome crises, countering international terrorism and managing migration, according to the statement.

Stabilising the region was a key foreign policy goal for Italy, Di Stefano told the meeting. This should be achieved through political processes and an "inclusive" approach that involves all players, he said.

Promoting concrete measures to propel economic growth and social development is also crucial to attaining such stability, tackling the issue of migration and helping resolve the region's various crises, he said.

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