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Italy backs Allied strikes on Syrian installations

16 aprile 2018 | 14.10
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Photo: AFP

The Italian government on Monday said it supported the air strikes by the United States, Britain and France at the weekend against three Syrian government sites after an alleged chemical weapons attack on the rebel enclave of Douma, east of Damascus.

"Italy considers the operations early on Saturday to be a targeted, reasonable and circumscribed response to the chemical attack in Douma," foreign minister Angelino Alfano told a meeting in Brussels.

"We have offered our political support to our allies, while reaffirming our hope that what happened (the air raids) may not have been the start of an escalation," Alfano said at the summit of EU foreign ministers.

On Saturday, joint US, UK and French strikes targeted three alleged Syrian chemical weapons installations in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on Douma on 7 April.

Western allies believe the attack killed dozens of people with the use of chlorine gas and possibly Sarin and that the Syrian government was responsible. Syria vehemently denies this.

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