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Italy backs gender equality at peace forum

07 settembre 2020 | 23.42
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Italy's deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni on Monday voiced Italy's support for gender equality and women's emancipation in her address to a video peace forum taking place in the northern city of Turin.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation attributes the utmost importance to the promotion of gender equality and the emancipation of all women," Sereni said a message to United Nations System Staff College in Turin at the forum's opening.

"When women are significantly involved, peace talks address the root causes and produce better results, with the possibility that the agreements will be durable," Sereni went on.

"Unfortunately, this positive action by women is often not recognized," she said.

"And it does not translate into their involvement in subsequent political processes."

Women and young people "can make their voices heard and help build their future, Sereni argued, calling for the inclusion of the all segments of societies.

Italy is committed to ensuring the full implementation of the UN Agenda for Peace and Security of Women, which arose from the revolutionary Security Council Resolution, 1325 adopted in October 2000, Sereni said.

The 'Virtual Torino Forum for Sustaining Peace' marks the 20th anniversary of the resolution's adoption, the statement said.

Italian Parliament has for the first time allocated 4 million euros to support the implementation of the third Italian National Action Plan for peace and security of women for the period 2016-2020, Sereni noted.

"Italy is one of the very few countries that finance the implementation of its National Action Plan," said Sereni.

In October 2017, the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network was set up, "which testifies to the commitment of Italy in the Mediterranean region and its efforts for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the promotion of gender equality," said Sereni.

Sereni called on nations to step up collective efforts to implement the UN Agenda for Peace and Security of Women.

"It is essential to continue to give impetus to this Agenda," she concluded.

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