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Italy backs Juncker's plan for Europe-Africa alliance

25 ottobre 2018 | 18.56
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Photo: AFP
Rome, 25 Oct. (AKI)

Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte on Thursday said the populist government supports European Union Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker's proposal for "An Alliance between Europe and Africa" base on a shared commitment to development and the creation of decent jobs.

"We are ready to back the path outlined at the EU-African Union summit in Abidjan last November and the recent proposal put forward by the European Commission president Juncker," Conte said.

"This is based on a joint commitment to development and the creation of quality jobs, especially for women and young people," he went on.

The Italian government is ready to play "a leading role" in these initiatives, Conte said.

He was making the concluding remarks at an Italy-Africa ministerial summit in Rome on Thursday that was attended by 350 delegates from all 54 African Countries and 14 international organisations, including the African Union, according to the foreign ministry.

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