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Italy believes in dialogue, is confident in Qatar's 'wisdom' says Mattarella

19 novembre 2018 | 18.46
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Dialogue is the only way to end the current standoff in the Gulf region amid a blockade against Qatar by neighbouring Arab states, president Sergio Mattarella said after talks in Rome with Qatar's Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani.

"Italy has always had a balanced, moderate approach and we are certain that the Gulf crisis can only be solved by dialogue leading to solutions that are shared," Mattarella said.

"I believe that through your wisdom, common ground and growth can be shared with the other leaders of the region," Mattarella added.

Qatar's economy is currently the fastest growing in the region at an annual rate of around 2.8 percent despite a blockade imposed against the emirate by neighbouring Arab states in June last year due to its alleged support for Islamic extremism.

Al-Thani began an official two-day visit to Rome on Monday during which the Qatari delegation will clinch a series of bilateral deals in the areas of health, food and agriculture, sport and research.

It is understood the visit will prepare the ground for a series of trips to Italy next year by Qatari investors organised by business associations in the two countries.

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