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Italy can play a positive role in Libyan conflict says Sarraj

07 maggio 2019 | 20.05
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Photo: AFP

Italy can make a "positive" difference in resolving the deadly conflict in Libya, its UN-backed premier Fayze al-Sarraj said during high-level talks in Rome on Tuesday, the unity government stated on Facebook.

During talks with Italian premier Giuseppe Conte, Sarraj said Italy should use its "international weight" and step up efforts to persuade "hesitant" countries in Europe and in the region to join in efforts towards a ceasefire and peace talks, according to the post.

Help from "our Italian friends" could speed up the process of halting the military "aggression" by eastern warlord Khalifa Haftar, whose Libyan National Army militia on 5 April began an assault to seize Tripoli, and "prevent further bloodshed", Sarraj said.

Sarraj also praised "the special relationship" that links Italy to its former colony and lauded "the humanitarian" it gave during the unity government's fight against "terrorism" in the former Islamic State stronghold of Sirte.

"There is no doubt that the Italian government wants to stabilise Libya," Sarraj said, praising its decision to re-open the Italy embassy in Tripoli.

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