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Italy deplores aid worker killings in South Sudan

09 giugno 2021 | 18.20
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Photo: Xinhua (file photo)

The government tweeted Wednesday that it "strongly condemns" the ambush at the weekend of an Italian NGO vehicle in South Sudan in which two local aid workers were killed.

"The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the attack in South Sudan against the Italian NGO Cuamm-Doctors for Africa, and expresses its deep condolences to the families of the two South Sudanese aid workers who were killed in the tragic event.

The United Nations deplored Sunday's attack on the clearly marked humanitarian aid vehicle in the Yirol West, Lakes region of South Sudan, and urged local authorities to protect aid personnel in the country.

A total of 128 humanitarian workers, mostly South Sudanese, have lost their lives while aiding the population since the conflict began in 2013, according to the UN.

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