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Italy deplores Paris knife attack near old Charlie Hebdo offices

25 settembre 2020 | 16.00
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Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte on Friday condemned the stabbing of at least two people near French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo's former offices in central Paris, calling the attack "vile".

"Solidarity with France for the vile attack near Charlie Hebdo's old offices. We are close to the French people and are anxiously following developments," Conte tweeted.

"Italy stands shoulder to shoulder with all those who oppose every form of violence," the tweet added.

Two people were critically injured in Friday's attack and one person had been arrested, according to French police. Counter-terrorism officers were probing the stabbings, police said.

Fourteen people went on trial in Paris in early September accused of involvement in the January 2015 attack on the Charlie Hebdo office that killed 12 people.

The court heard the defendants sought to avenge the Prophet Mohammed in the attack, which took place almost a decade after Charlie Hebdo published cartoons mocking him.

Police said they moved Charlie Hebdo's head of Human Resources to a secret location this week after she received death threats.

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