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Italy deplores Vienna terror attacks

03 novembre 2020 | 12.55
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Photo: AFP

Italy's president Sergio Mattarella on Tuesday condemned a multiple gun attack in the capital, Vienna that killed four people late on Monday and followed a spate of Islamist attacks in France.

"The cowardly attack that took place yesterday evening in Vienna has caused horror and deep sadness in Italy," Mattarella wrote in a message to his Austrian counterpart Alexander Van der Bellen.

"Italians are in mourning with the Austrian people at this dramatic time and empathise with the families of the victims, with the injured - to whom we wish a prompt and full recovery - and to Vienna's residents," the statement continued.

Italy is determined to work with Austria to fight terrorism and "offers its most sincere condolences and outright rejection of this treacherous attack on our shared values of freedom and peaceful coexistence," the statement underlined.

One 20-year-old gunman was shot dead by police and was described by interior minister Karl Nehammer as an "Islamist terrorist.

Police were reported to be looking for at least one suspect after Monday's attacks on six locations in the centre of Vienna busy with people in bars and restaurants, near the central synagogue. It was not immediately clear if the synagogue was the target.

Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte and foreign minister Luigi Di Maio also condemned the attacks in tweets late on Monday.

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