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Italy deports suspected Kosovan jihadist

09 agosto 2019 | 13.26
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Italian authorities have expelled a Kosovar accused of wanting to wage Jihad in Syria and of belonging to a network of extremists through his links to a local imam, the interior ministry said in a statement late Thursday.

The 43-year-old Kosvar, known as M.M. was deported from Italy aboard a flight from Milan's Malpensa airport after being detained in an expulsion centre in the northwest city of Turin, the statement said.

The expulsion was ordered by interior minister Matteo Salvini following a probe of M.M., who lived near the central city of Sienna and was a member of a local Islamic cultural centre. M.M. allegedly had close ties to a radical imam who was at the centre of a network of Islamic extremists who were served with deportation orders, the statement said.

A total 55 suspects have been expelled from Italy this year and 418 since 2015, according to the statement.

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