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Lunedì 25 Ottobre 2021
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Italy eyes 'enlarged' G20 emergency summit on Afghanistan

09 settembre 2021 | 13.25
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Marina Sereni

Italy is trying to organise an emergency G20 summit on Taliban-controlled Afghanistan "with the widest possible participation", deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni said on Thursday.

"We are continuing to work on an emergency G20 summit on Afghanistan," Sereni said at a press briefing at the foreign ministry in Rome.

"We believe that this requires the widest possible participation by the international community in its complex entirety," Sereni went on.

For this reason, Italy - the current G20 president - has also been talking with Afghanistan's regional neighbours, Sereni noted.

"But we think that the G20 format including an enlarged one, can be useful and so we will continue to work on this," Sereni said.

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