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Italy, France, urge dialogue in Libya

04 dicembre 2020 | 23.54
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Photo: - AFP

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and his French counterpart Jean Yves Le Drian on Friday called for dialogue between Libya's rival factions and urged foreign powers not to meddle in the war-ravaged country's internal affairs, according to a joint statement.

Di Maio and Le Drian held talks on the sidelines of the Mediterranean Dialogues virtual forum where they took part in the 'Heal and Rebuild: A Positive Agenda for the EU in the Enlarged Mediterranean' panel discussion, the statement said.

"The meeting allowed an exchange of views on the most recent developments in Libya, with the identification of joint priority actions in support of the intra-Libyan dialogue processes under the aegis of the United Nations with reference to the Political Dialogue Forum and the implementation of ceasefire agreement of 23 October," said the statement.

The ministers renewed and earlier appeal "to all Libyan and international parties to support the dialogue processes, refraining from any interference," the statement added.

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