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Italy hails landmark peace deal in Sudan

06 ottobre 2020 | 19.36
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Italy has welcomed the peace accord inked in the South Sudan's capital Juba at the weekend between Sudan's transitional government and rebel groups aimed at ending decades of war in which hundreds of thousands died.

"The Juba Peace Agreement between the Sudanese government and opposition groups signed on October 3 in Juba sheds light in the African continent and demonstrates that African problems can and must be solved by Africans," tweeted deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re.

"It is a model for the resolution of other conflicts in Africa and elsewhere," read a separate tweet..

Del Re called on groups that have not signed the agreement to join it and urged its full implementation especially regarding the return of refugees and displaced persons (IDPs).

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir oversaw months of difficult negotiations that led up to the accord.

Kiir said on Saturday he was "delighted by the agreement" and "proud of the accomplishment," as South Sudan itself is still recovering from a protracted conflict.

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