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Italy hails new unified Libyan transitional govt

05 febbraio 2021 | 20.17
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Rome, 5 Feb. (AKI)

The government welcomed the election of a new unified interim Libyan executive on Friday by 75 UN-appointed delegates in Geneva, calling the outcome of the vote "an important step" towards stabilising Italy's war-wracked former colony.

"We congratulate the candidates elected at the end of a process led by the Libyans, for the Libyans," the foreign ministry said in a statement,

"The designation of unitary and inclusive transitional executive authorities is an important step on the path of stabilization and institutional consolidation of Libya ahead of polls scheduled for 24 December," the statement added.

Italy trusts the election of what it hopes will be a "fully inclusive" three-man presidential council and a premier-designate "is also decisive" for the full implementation of a ceasefire signed on 23 October 2020 between Libya's warring factions and "the withdrawal from the country of all foreign fighters and mercenaries," said the statement.

The UN estimates there are some 20,000 foreign fighters and mercenaries in Libya helping the UN-backed Government of National Accord in Tripoli and its arch-rival eastern warlord Khalifa Haftar and allied militias.

Acting UN special envoy to Libya Stefanie Williams announced the "historic" election in Geneva on Friday of Mohammed al-Menfi, a former diplomat from Benghazi, to head a three-man presidency council, and businessman Abdulhamid Dbeibeh, from the western city of Misrata, as premier.

Participants in the Geneva talks (the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum) also elected Musa al-Koni, from the south, and Abdullah al-Lafi, from the west, to the presidency council.

"In this crucial step for the future of Libya, Italy remains alongside the Libyan people," the foreign ministry said.

The statement thanked Williams for her work and expressed "full readiness" to cooperate with incoming special envoy Jan Kubis.

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