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Italy helps internally displaced in Libya

15 dicembre 2020 | 23.32
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The Italian government has helped the United Nations children's fund provide around 1,000 pre-paid cards to displaced families in conflict-ravaged Libya, UNICEF tweeted on Tuesday.

"With support from the Italian ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation, UNICEF with partners EMDAD Charity Organization have activated a prepaid Cards programme to distribute approximately 1000 cards to internally displaced children and families," read the tweet.

"UNICEF provided prepaid cards to more than 173 internally displaced families from Derna to meet their needs for personal hygiene and cleaning kits," read a separate tweet.

The eastern port city of Derna was besieged by warlord Khalifa Haftar's forces for 21 months in 2018-2019 forcing thousands of people to flee.

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