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Italy hosting some 70,000 Ukrainian refugees

23 marzo 2022 | 18.41
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Around 70,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered Italy since Russia launched its devastating invasion of Ukraine four weeks ago, the country's ambassador, Yaroslav Melnyk, said on Wednesday.

"Until now some 70,000 people have arrived in Italy from Ukraine, 92% are women and children," Melnyk told Sky Tg24.

"We are grateful to the Italian people and government, who are doing their utmost to host these people, who are receiving everything they need," Melnyk added.

Italy already has one of western Europe’s largest Ukrainian communities, with about 236,000 Ukrainian migrants living and working in the country, many as domestic workers.

Over 3.6 million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine since Russia began its full-scale military offensive on 24 February, more than two million of them to Poland.

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