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Italy keen to set up Jubilee commission says Conte

03 novembre 2020 | 22.33
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The Italian government is eager to set up a commission with the Vatican to coordinate preparations for the Catholic Church's next Jubilee in 2025, premier Giuseppe Conte's office said in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement came after a meeting between Conte, Archbishop Rino Fisichella and Lazio regional president Nicola Zingaretti, the statement said.

During the meeting, Conte underlined the government's "full readiness" to set up a commission with the Vatican that would also involve Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi and "other relevant authorities", according to the statement.

The last ordinary Jubilee took place in 2000, during John Paul II's papacy. It was the event with which the Catholic Church prepared to enter into the third millennium.

Pope Francis organised an extraordinary Jubilee in 2015-2016 on mercy - a key theme of his papacy.

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