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Italy-Mexico relations 'excellent' - Sereni

21 febbraio 2020 | 18.29
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Italy's ties with Mexico are "excellent", deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni said on Friday after talks with "numerous" officials during a visit to boost bilateral economic, cultural, scientific and technological cooperation.

"All these meetings confirmed the excellent relations between Italy and Mexico and highlighted the enormous potential for further collaboration on the economic, cultural, social and political levels," Sereni said, quoted by a foreign ministry statement.

"We are working to prepare a System Mission with companies interested in investing in Mexico and updating the political agreements on the main common challenges: fight against inequalities, promotion of sustainable development and implementation of Agenda 2030, strong commitment against organised crime and corruption," Sereni added.

During her ongoing visit to Mexico, Sereni met President Alfonso Romo Garza's Head of Office, Maximiliano Reyes Zuñiga and Julian Ventura, with the Executive Director of the Mexican Development Cooperation Agency, Laura Carrillo Cubillas, the statement said.

Sereni also met met representatives of non-governmental organisations and civil society, with whom she exchanged views on human rights, justice, security, the right to children, education and social cohesion, teh statement added.

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