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Italy mustn't lower its guard on terror warns Zaia

25 luglio 2016 | 17.10
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Italy should remain on high terror alert following the recent attacks in Germany and France, the conservative governor of the northeast Veneto region, Luca Zaia said on Monday.

"Not all Muslims are terrorists but all [these] terrorists are Muslims, which means we can't generalise but must not lower our guard," said Zaia, who is a member of Italy's anti-immigrant Northern League party.

Italy must ensure security and the rule of law and adopt a "zero tolerance" policy towards criminals among the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who enter the country every year, he said.

Zaia's comments came after four attacks in Germany - three of them by migrants and one by a German-Iranian gunman - since 18 July that have left 10 people dead and 34 injured.

In neighbouring France, a Tunisian Muslim truck driver mowed down 84 people and injured hundreds in the southern city of Nice on 14 July in a killing spree that was claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group.

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