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Italy offers Montenegro, Balkan region help to fight COVID-19

24 settembre 2020 | 23.37
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Rome, 24 Sept. (AKI)

Italy is ready to offer Montenegro and other Balkan countries help in battling the COVID-19 epidemic and its economic fall-out, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Thursday

"Italy is willing to share its own experience of fighting COVID-19," Di Maio told a video conference organised by the Central European Initiative (CEI), of which Montenegro is the current president.

Di Maio praised CEI saying it reacted "swiftly" to the COVID-emergency, deploying operational tools to strengthen coordination between its members in the health field, in coordination with the United Nations World Health Organisation.

The 18-member regional grouping which includes Italy had also approved health projects and ones focused on small businesses and eduction aimed at mitigating the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, he noted.

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