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Italy, other European powers urge ceasefire in Libya

09 giugno 2020 | 23.45
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Photo by Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post.

Italy, France, Germany and the European Union's foreign policy chief Josep Borell on Tuesday appealed to Libya's warring sides to swiftly agree a ceasefire and withdraw all foreign forces, mercenaries and military equipment.

"In the aftermath of the constructive commitments to halt fighting, resume dialogue and reach a ceasefire within the framework of the 5+5 joint military committee, made in Cairo on 6 June, the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Italy and the High Representative/Vice President urge all Libyan and international parties to effectively and immediately stop all military operations and engage constructively in the 5+5 negotiations, based upon the draft agreement of 23 February," read a joint statement.

"These efforts must lead all parties to swiftly agree on a ceasefire agreement in the 5+5 framework, including the withdrawal of all foreign forces, mercenaries and military equipment supplied in violation of the UN arms embargo from all regions of Libya, and to engage constructively in all strands of the UN-led intra-Libyan dialogue in order to pave the way for a comprehensive political agreement in accordance with the parameters agreed upon in Berlin."

The 5+5 committee was initially adopted to monitor and discuss a transition to a lasting armistice, as part of an internationally- backed and United Nation-guided political roadmap to resolve the six-year-old civil war between militias allied the internationally recognised government in Tripoli and the forces of eastern warlord Khalifa Haftar who is allied with a rival administration in the city of Tobruk.

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