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Italy re-elected to Unesco executive board

21 novembre 2019 | 15.35
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Photo: AFP

United Nations culture organisation Unesco's General Conference re-elected Italy to the 58-member Executive Board for the sixth consecutive four-year term, the foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Italy was re-elected for the period 2019-2021 with 162 votes, the second highest number received after Switzerland, the statement said.

“This excellent result confirms the widespread recognition for Italy’s commitment to the issues of the protection and promotion of cultural heritage, inclusive education and international scientific cooperation,” said foreign minister Luigi Di Maio.

“Italy, which holds the largest number of World Heritage Sites, is a leading international player in promoting the value of inter-cultural dialogue and mutual tolerance. The very high number of votes received spurs us to act consistently and resolutely within Unesco, in full awareness of the responsibility we have towards all those who have had faith in us.”

During its new mandate, Italy will engage in strengthening Unesco's capacity to respond to the challenges posed by sustainable development, starting with the impact of climate change on the World Heritage Sites and on local communities, the statement said.

Other areas for Italian action will include scientific diplomacy, especially through Unesco's Trieste-based research centres, water resource management, promoting equal access to education, upholding freedom of expression and the security of journalists, according to the statement.

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