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Italy reaffirms support for Palestinians

04 dicembre 2018 | 15.37
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Photo: Xinhua

Premier Giuseppe Conte has confirmed Italy's support for the Palestinian people and their social and economic well-being, especially that of the poorest, Conte's office said in a statement late on Monday.

During talks in Rome with Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas meeting with Abbas on Monday, Conte also reaffirmed Italy's commitment to a two-state solution to the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel, according to the statement.

"It is opportune for both sides to maintain a constructive approach in order to rapidly resumed stalled peace negotiations," the statement said.

"In this regard, the prime minister underlined the moral imperative for a concrete response to the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip," said the statement.

Abbas thanked Italy "for its unwavering political and financial support and its security and cultural cooperation," the statement concluded.

Abbas earlier on Monday met Italy's president Sergio Mattarella, Pope Francis and Vatican secretary of state Pietro Parolin during his Rome visit.

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