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Italy seeks to become southern Europe's energy hub: Tajani

13 marzo 2023 | 17.47
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Italy wants to step up cooperation with Israel including in the field of energy, where it aims to become a hub for southern Europe as countries scramble to end reliance on Russian fossil fuels.

"Regarding gas, Italy wants to be the hub for southern Europe," Tajani said after talks on Monday Jerusalem with Israel's premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

"For this reason, we want to strengthen our collaboration with Israel," he said.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year, Italy - one of Europe's biggest natural gas markets - has signed multi-billion euro deals with gas producers Libya and Algeria in its hunt for alternatives to Russian gas.

At a joint press conference on Friday after talks in Rome with Italy's premier Giorgia Meloni, Netanyahu said Israel could also help Italy achieve its goal of becoming a European energy hub.

"We have the reserves and we want to export more gas to Italy," Netanyahu said, recalling the initial natural gas exploration accord inked in November with Italian major Eni following a landmark maritime border deal with Lebanon.

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