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Italy seeks to boost economic, cultural relations with India - Conte

30 ottobre 2018 | 17.34
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Italian premier Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday lauded India's rapid economic growth and hunger for innovation, as well as its commitment to multilateralism, saying his country wanted to boost bilateral economic and cultural ties with the Asian powerhouse.

"It is a growing economy, a country that is expanding and which will soon become the most populous nation on earth. A country that is eager to digitalise and innovate strongly," Conte told reporters on the sidelines of the Tech Summit during a visit to New Delhi.

Italy "wants to increase and improve economic and cultural relations" with India, Conte said.

He also praised India's role in the Group of Twenty (G20) group of world's 20 leading industrialised and emerging economies.

""Italy and India are two strong democracies and both are committed within the G20 to promoting a truly effective multilateralism," he said.

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