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Italy set to welcome foreign tourists again - Di Maio

05 maggio 2021 | 16.45
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Italy is re-opening and is ready to welcome back foreign tourists and to re-start the country's Coronavirus-ravaged economy, foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Wednesday.

"We are reopening, with the aim of kick-starting tourism and the economy again, " Di Maio wrote on Facebook from a G7 foreign ministers' meeting in London.

Di Maio would be telling G7 colleagues that "we are working to welcome foreign tourists to Italy in total safety and are ready to host them in our enchanting regions," he wrote.

"We must support the tourism sector, shop owners, restaurateurs. We must do business and create jobs. We need to show off our cities and the skills of our artisans," he wrote.

Italy "is working to totally supersede the (10 pm) curfew, but we must not lower our guard," Di Maio underlined.

Italy will issue a green pass for tourists in mid-May, a month before the EU does, Italy's premier Mario Draghi said on Tuesday after a G20 tourism ministers' meeting in Rome.

Italy also want to open up to non-EU countries such as the US and the UK, tourism minister Massimo Garavaglia said.

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