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Italy, Spain look to re-launch parliamentary relations

11 gennaio 2022 | 23.10
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Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and other top Italian office-bearers were set to meet Spanish MPs in Rome on Wednesday as part of bilateral efforts to renew bilateral parliamentary ties.

The Spain parliamentary delegation will hold talks with Di Maio, foreign under-secretary Benedetto Della Vedova, foreign ministry secretary-general Ettore Sequi and cabinet under-secretary for European affairs Enzo Amendola, the statement said.

Besides strengthening ties, the visit aims to launch "structured cooperation" between the Italian and Spanish lower houses of parliament foreign affairs committees on "geopolitical issues of common interest", according to the statement.

The "complex dynamics" of the Mediterranean, Libya and Tunisia will be a key focus of talks, which will also cover the integration process of the Western Balkans; European immigration policy; strategies to combat the Coronavirus pandemic; and the prospects for the European Union and its foreign policy.

Italy's lower house of parliament foreign affairs committee chairman Piero Fassino and committee members were due to receive the Spanish delegation, led by parliament president Pau Mari Klose.

Other delegation members include vice-president Anton Gomez-Reino Varela, of the Podemos party, and MPs Belen Hoyo Julia of the Popular Party, Olga Alonso Suarez of the Socialist Party, Victor Manuel Sanchez Del Real, head of the Vox party.

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