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Italy still committed to Afghanistan

07 luglio 2021 | 20.36
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Photo for The Washington Post by Andrew Quilty

Italy is committed to Afghanistan and will continue to help the war-ravaged country by strengthening its institutions, through overseas aid and training of local security forces.

"If possible, Italy may in fact boost its commitment to Afghanistan, given the challenges," Di Maio said.

He was addressing the parliament's foreign affairs and defence committees at a hearing on international missions.

"It's clear that we'll have to work at strengthening Afghan institutions through our various tools," he said, citing overseas aid and training of local security forces.

"We need a holistic approach, we'll try. We certainly can't do it alone but with all of our partners.

Under the drawdown of troops deployed to the NATO-led mission Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, Italy's formally ended its military presence there on 30 June.

A total 50,000 Italian troops were deployed to Afghanistan, 723 were injured and 53 lost their lives during the 20-year mission.

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