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Italy strongly committed to Global Coalition against Daesh

30 marzo 2021 | 23.52
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Photo for The Washington Post by Alice Martins

Italy is set on defeating the Islamic State (Daesh) , wants to prevent its resurgence in Iraq and shares international concern at the jihadist group's growing links to local terrorist groups in Africa, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio told international partners on Tuesday.

Di Maio was among participants in a ministerial video conference of 32 members of the Small Group of the Global Coalition against Daesh chaired by US secretary of state Antony Blinken and Belgian deputy premier and foreign minister Sophie Wilmes.

"Meeting participants reaffirmed their determination to pursue the definitive defeat of Daesh and prevent any possible resurgence," the foreign ministry said in a statement.

"Minister Di Maio recalled Italy's strong commitment to the Coalition, both in the military and civilian spheres, focusing in particular on its support for Iraq's institutions and its people and its contribution to initiatives for the stabilization of areas liberated from Daesh in Iraq and Syria," said the statement.

Di Maio "also shared deep concern for the spread in some African countries of terrorist groups linked to Daesh, agreeing on the need to use the instruments of the Coalition in Africa, in close synergy with existing initiatives such as the Coalition for the Sahel, which the Italy also participates," the statement went on.

Italy's top diplomat repeated Italy's willingness to host a full ministerial meeting of the 83-member Coalition, hopefully next summer, the statement ended. Italy holds the G20 presidency this year.

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