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Italy thanks Vietnam for face mask shipment

03 aprile 2020 | 19.35
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The foreign ministry on Friday thanked Vietnam for sending medical supplies including face masks to help medics on the frontline in the fight against the country's dramatic Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

"88,000 masks and medical supplies donated by institutions, associations, businesses and individual citizens were shipped from Hanoi this morning," the foreign ministry tweeted.

"We thank the government and the people of #Vietnam for their solidarity and help to Italy in this difficult moment," the tweet added.

Italy remains the country worst affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with a total of 14,681 deaths. However, new infections continue to slow,raising hopes of turnaround. The overall number of cases in Italy, including the deceased and those who have recovered, is now 119,827, according to the civil protection agency.

The emergency has strained the country's health service to breaking point, forcing the foreign ministry to seek protective gear for hospital staff and ventilators from other countries around the world.

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