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Italy to G20: avert humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan

12 ottobre 2021 | 19.50
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Italy's premier Mario Draghi on Tuesday urged G20 nations to prevent a grave humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan, where winter approaches, and said the group had tasked the UN with coordinating international aid.

"I urged everyone to try and work together as much as possible, above all on a response to the humanitarian crisis, managing to overcome the inevitable foreign policy differences," Draghi stated.

He was addressing a press conference in Rome after a virtual G20 summit on Afghanistan which he convened and chaired.

"From almost all sides the necessity emerged of reaching a unified position, which translated into a mandate for the UN to coordinate the response with a mandate to also act directly," Draghi said.

"Therefore various actors, the European Union and international financial institutions will work together," he said.

Draghi underlined the need to prevent the crisis-ridden country's meltdown under Taliban rule.

"We must prevent Afghanistan's economic collapse and this means many things: it means preventing a collapse of payment systems and trying to salvage what is left of the banking system," Draghi warned.

All G20 leaders at the summit agreed that Afghanistan must recognize human rights, especially women's rights, according to Draghi.

"We looked at the problem of women's rights, of guaranteeing their education, of not going back 20 years in time," he said.

The G20 leaders also agreed unanimously that Afghanistan must not return to being a base for international terrorism," Draghi said.

"There was consensus on the necessity that Afghanistan does not revert to being a kind of haven for international terrorism," he stated.

"We must not get to the point we got to 20 years ago," Draghi said.

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